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Fugitive emission costs a lot of money, and from a health, safety and environmental (HSE) perspective, there is a continuous concern for safety, the possibility of oil spills and the effect of pollutants such as CO2 (carbon dioxide, a product of hydrocarbon combustion) on global climate change and air quality.

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VS-T is operating in a world-wide niche market and is one of world’s important fast track and custom engineered valve manufactures. With more than 25 years of combined experience VS-T will meet and exceed the most demanding needs of our customers by design and manufacturing valves in 2 to 8 weeks delivery.

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About us


VS-T prides itself in providing innovative solutions and thinking out-of-the-box. With more than 25 years of combined experience, and our well-equipped workshop, we offer more than just service by providing (fugitive emisson) upgrades and modifications to improve lifetime and reduce downtime on each type of valve application.


At VS-T we feel that keeping track of a valve and its parts being serviced at our facility is very important. For this we have developed a highly intelligent Valve Management program. We log every action taken, with corresponding documentation such as (third party) test reports, material identification certificates, correspondence and more. As a result, it is relatively easy for the customer to track the progress and recall the history of a serviced item.


VS-T’s definition of effective maintenance, is that when a valve component is in need of replacement, we do not simply just replace the component. We investigate the cause of the problem and offer a more durable solution so that in the future, less maintenance will be required. In the end, this will also decrease the shut-down time of the application.


As the aim of any business is to make the highest possible profit with minimal costs, VS-T aims to offer customers high quality services that will reduce operational costs. We like to think ahead and prevent problems rather than solve them. For example, if a stem seal which consistently fails to pass fugitive emission tests, instead of compressing the sealing further VS-T will calculate and measure each individual valve design to ensure plant reliability and safety margin.


Through the use of powerful CAD software VS-T’s engineering department is capable of (re-) designing and calculating valve and valve parts to achieve the best performance possible depending on the customers wishes. Also, our equipment in the machining department is compatible with this software. And so, from drawing table to end product, VS-T offers complete and customised services to its customers.

Parameters will change at operation conditions/

We are aware that the valve excellent performance on the test bench is not always a guarantee plant reliability performance. This has everything to do with the fact that operation conditions are often rather different from the ‘design’ situation. Valve applications at elevated temperature and high pressure (drops), one has to take into account that materials behave drastically different. Our company Valve Management Approach excels in anticipating problems and act accordingly to ensure:

Safety & Reliability

Optimal valve performance

Improve lifetime and reduce downtime

Achieve the highest emission requirements


Service & Repair




Valve Management



Service & Repair

With our well-equipped workshop, we offer customized services to any type of valve. For instance, lapping seat surfaces, abrasive blasting for the purpose of applying new coatings and qualified welding for various kinds of alloys. Furthermore, we have extensive experience with supplying appropriate sealing materials for every application in any market.


Process conditions are changing and becoming more critical, consequently your installations may need to be upgraded to meet these changing conditions. By means of our Valve Management program we provide upgrades and modifications to ensure increased reliability and durability for valve applications subjected to extreme conditions. For example, PTFE parts do not perform well under cryogenic conditions, especially moving parts. We can supply customised solutions and modify your equipment to better withstand these specific conditions.


VS-T offers the best technical solutions available due to our highly qualified technical engineering department. We have the skills and experience to design and manufacture high-end valve applications which will meet the most demanding needs of our customers.


Safety is key in every aspect of our operational services. Each type of valve we repair or modify will be tested at our in-house test department before being shipped out to guarantee the function of the valves when arriving at their final destination. Depending on what is prescribed in correspondent procedures, the valves are subjected to FE (Fugitive Emission) tests and/or body and seat tests, using liquid or gaseous test mediums to prove body strength and seat performance. We also have close ties to an independent test company (ITIS B.V.), close to our location. They are experts in providing FE, cryogenic, high-pressure and Fire Safe tests to name a few.

Valve Management

VS-T has developed a unique valve management program based on our combined experiences in the valve industry, to make sure valves that have been through our repair or modification process, meet the highest fugitive emission and seat leakage requirements, which are defined in procedures such as ISO 15848-1, Shell, API, TA-Luft.

OEM support

VS-T also lends a hand to bring Original Equipment Manufacturers and customers closer together. Through the experience we have gained in many years in the valve industry, we are very proficient in advising manufacturers on using the right materials and applications for uncommon requests of end-users. Likewise, end-users can contact us when failing to find a suitable solution to a unique problem.


If for technical or financial reasons we advise against refitting or repairing a valve, VS-T can also supply replacements, for each type of valve and any application.



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About our Valve Management approach to improve plant efficiency and reduce downtime


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